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  • Physician Recommended

    Backed by years of clinical expertise.

  • Veteran Owned

    Air Force Veteran owned.

  • Third Party Lab Tested

    Third-party lab tested, ensuring transparency.

  • 100% PURE CBD

    Crafted with 100% pure CBD, sourced from the finest hemp.


The Story Behind Repose RX CBD

I'm Dr. Jessica Jameson, the passionate owner behind Repose RX CBD. With a rich background as a female pain physician and a proud United States Air Force Veteran, I've closely witnessed the challenges faced by both my patients and loved ones in dealing with chronic pain.

This personal journey ignited a deep-seated passion to create an evidence-backed, budget-friendly, and natural treatment alternative. Expanding my commitment, I delved into a Harvard Pain Fellowship and earned a Masters in Cannabis Medicine.

Armed with an extensive understanding of CBD and its profound impact on health and wellness, I've breathed new life into ReposeRx. I'm happy to unveil a premium line of CBD products, with the goal of making a real, positive impact.

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