Let’s talk about the various ways to take CBD.
Ingestion: This is eating the product. When taken this way the CBD lasts the longest as the oil has to be released from the product after digestion. It can be beneficial for those who have wide spread body pain as the processing of the CBD occurs very slowly.
Topical: This occurs when you apply the substance directly to the painful body part. Typically this is done via lotions, creams, and salves. This is typically used for relieving localized pain such as joints.
Inhalation: This is accomplished via smoking or vaping. The onset is very rapid but the duration is also short. Using the whole plant or vaporizing the oil significantly reduces the carcinogen intake due to it not combusting. Just like smoking, however, vaping has been shown to irritate the lungs. Smoking is harmful due to the high combustion temperatures and the carcinogens released.
Sublingual: Under the tongue. This onset time is relatively short and the duration typically longer than inhalation. In this method one would place drops of CBD under the tongue and let it sit there for a few minutes before swallowing. It is absorbed rapidly into the capillaries under the tongue.
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